Private Shopping Party

Groups That LOVE Hello Gorgeous Shopping Parties:

Friends & Family: Just a mixer with all of your nearest and dearest female friends and family! A fun way to get together and catch up – sometimes no reason is the best reason!

Fundraisers: Shopping for a cause! Donate your “rewards” to a charity or a particular cause instead of to a single host!

Sorority Bonding: Does your sisterhood need a new kind of bonding activity? Shop together! For extra good karma, donate the rewards to your sorority’s favorite charity.

Co-Worker Bonding: Get all the office ladies together for a shopping extravaganza! Donate to a company charity for extra team spirit!

Birthday Parties: What better way to celebrate a birthday then to go shopping in honor of the birthday girl so she can get free clothes? Great for any age!

Bridal or Bachelorette Parties: Do some shopping with your bridal party and closest female guests in honor of the bride! Use the rewards to let her pick out her rehearsal dinner/bachelorette party/honeymoon outfit, or get cash and get her an extra item off her registry!


 Types of Shopping Parties:

Virtual/Online Shopping Party: Have a virtual shopping party with your friends where you can all shop from your couches in your PJs from anywhere in the country! We will make your group a special discount code to use while shopping up a storm, and all virtual party guests will get free shipping on their orders! Your party can be anywhere from 1-3 days to give your guests ample time to shop!


In Store Shopping Party: The most common shopping party is to have all of your guests join us for a private in store shopping event! Usually before or after regular store hours, you and your guests can have the whole store to yourselves to shop and mingle! Miranda will be your personal stylist to help guests pick out the perfect outfits. You’re in store party can also include an online coupon code so that out of town guests, or guests who can't make it to the event, can still join in on the shopping fun! ** You may bring outside food & drinks**


 How They Work:

Step 1) Reach out to all your friends, and make sure you have at least ten stylish ladies who want to come shopping with you – but, the more the merrier! 

Step 2) Pick a date that works for you and your group for your Private Shopping Party – for in store parties, we typically do our parties after regular store hours or 6pm - 8pm and will have the store closed JUST for your party, but depending on the size of your party we may be able to arrange special hours for you! Popular themes are either weekday nights for an after-work soiree, or weekend mornings for a brunch themed shopping party! Everyone does not need to arrive at once – guests can stagger throughout the event time, whenever is most convenient for them! For other party options, the dates and times are up to you!


Step 3) Once you’ve picked your date and time, make sure to promote, promote, promote your party! We suggest making email invites and/or a Facebook invite to make sure you spread the word far and wide and get as many attendees to your party as possible (the more that come, the more rewards for you)! Hello Gorgeous can help with ideas for and the design of a personalized invite for your party! Make sure to follow up with each guest personally via text or phone call to make sure they know how important their attendance is to you, and to confirm they will be coming!


Step 4) The day of your party, you and your group will be served beverages and snacks at in store parties, or you can get your own delicious refreshments for other party options! All guests of your party will receive 10% off their order at the party. We can also plan raffles or other games for the event so your guests could win prizes – Hello Gorgeous can provide prizes based on how many guests come to the party, or you can provide your own prizes! Hello Gorgeous stylists will be available throughout your party to assist with any questions your guests have, help them find the perfect outfits and serve the refreshments!


Step 5) Every adorable outfit your friends purchase at your party increases the rewards you will earn as the party hostess or the rewards you can put towards a charity or fundraiser! This is why the more friends you can get to come, the higher your rewards are likely to be! If a hostess is redeeming store credit for herself, we suggest the hostess wait until the end of the party to purchase her desired items, as you can then apply your rewards directly to your purchase that day! 

 Private Party Rewards

If you host a shopping party with us, you can get up to 20% of your sales as a store credit. Or if you are doing a fundraiser we will donate 10% off sales to the organization of your choice. Contact us to discuss further details.

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