🇺🇸 Sourced/Assembled in the USA 

Idlewild Everyday is designed using demi-fine metals, which include 925 sterling silver, 1/20 14k USA gold-filled, and vermeil elements.

Some pieces are designed using both types of elements in one piece.  All of our silver tone metals are 925 sterling silver, and all gold tone chains are 1/20 14k USA gold-filled.  Some charms are made from American hand cast gilded sterling, also called vermeil.  Some gold tone charms are 1/20 14K USA gold-filled.  It is important to note the elements of yours so you can be mindful of how to care for your piece.  Pieces that are made from 1/20 14k USA gold-filled charms and chains ARE water and tarnish resistant, and you may bathe, swim, and exercise in those pieces.  Please be sure your piece is made entirely of gold-filled elements before wearing it in this manner.